Mentoring 1:1 – become Art Photographer with my help


Teacher: Dragan Adoroarte
This is for: Beginner or intermediate photographers
What you get: Personalized approach, live mentoring sessions, we do photography together and I help you identify and overcome your setbacks to improve your photography skills from amateur/beginner to Art Photographer.
Content: Besides digging deep into basic concepts as Capturing light, Scenery and composition, basic rules of authenticity, emotion, how to approach a subject, tips and tricks, we spend time understanding your current level, make a plan how to get you where you want to be and work on it together intensively for 8-12 weeks – depending on goals we set. We have a weekly live lessons and photos review and online follow up for the tasks we define on lessons.
Duration: 8-12 weeks
Extras: free E-book and artwork


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